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Phone:  +1 (907) 441-0432  

Step 1:  Contact Nick through the email form below. Discuss availability, your questions and trip details. Then Nick will send a trip proposal outlining the details and price (see below for prices). You may also call or email directly but please include the answers outlined in the email form below.

Step 2:  Complete your booking with one of the following organizations below. All Remarkable Adventures trips are run through Nick's own company Alaska Guide Collective or other partnering companies.

Step 3:  Continue any further questions with Nick directly. 


  • Trips are officially booked by a first pay - first serve basis. Book early to reserve your dates.

  • Travel insurance and rescue insurance is highly recommended to protect your trip.

  • Transportation is not offered through Remarkable Adventures. If you do not have your own vehicle, car rentals in Alaska winter months are usually abundant. 4x4 is recommended, ask for winter tires as some rentals have summer tires. Nick is happy to ride with the group or he can drive his personal vehicle to the trail head.

  • See links page for recommended lodging, car rental, equipment rental and other resources.

  • If unavailable - will try to get you in touch with a qualified partner guide.

Backcountry trips and courses are run through Alaska Guide Collective LLC. Nick is co-owner of AGC which holds the necessary land use permits, insurance and operating plans to run trips. AGC is Nick's operating company while Remarkable Adventures is the personal brand for Nick's guiding and instruction in Alaska and around the world.  


Costs for backcountry trips:

  • 1 guest: $500 per day

  • 2 guests: $300 per person per day

  • 3 guests: $250 per person per day

  • 4 guests: $225 per person per day

  • 5 guests: $200 per person per day, a second guide may be added over 5 guests

Heli-skiing and snowcat skiing in Alaska is run through Chugach Powder Guides. Based in Girdwood, CPG has a solid reputation and Nick enjoys working with them. Please include a Referral and Guide Request on booking form - write full name: Nick D'Alessio. For the "Weekend Heli-skiing and Mid-week Backcountry Touring" you will make two separate bookings (AGC & CPG). For private heli charters you will receive a quote before you book. After booking with CPG please continue your trip communication through Nick. 


Let Nick know some details from the questions below so he has a better understanding on what you are looking for to plan your trip to best meet your needs.

Remarkable Adventures is only one person. May be out in the mountains and unable to respond quickly, will respond as soon as possible.

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FOR TRIP INQUIRES PLEASE INCLUDE: 1. Preferred dates? Other available dates? 2. Group size? 3. Specific goals. 4. Your groups experience, skill and fitness. Any avalanche education? 5. Does everyone have their own equipment? (gear list under resources) 6. Will you have Transportation? 4x4 recommended. 7. Your other thoughts or questions?


Booking option

Inquire about having a professional photographer join your custom trip. Ralph Kristopher with AK Adventure Photos is the man for the job. If Ralph is unavailable Nick may be able to get another good photographer friend to do the Job. Nick enjoys taking photos and is happy to share with you what he may take; however being the guide is priority number one and he can't do what a true professional photographer can do.