About Nick and Remarkable Adventures


Nick D'Alessio is a ski guide based out of Girdwood, Alaska. He is the sole owner and guide of Remarkable Adventures LLC and co-owner of Alaska Guide Collective LLC. His mission is to lead and educate individuals about proper mountain travel techniques, skills and ethics while creating a safe and enjoyable experience.


Born and raised in New Hampshire, Nick began climbing and skiing mountains as soon as he could walk. He is a graduate of the Outdoor Recreation Leadership program from Colorado Mountain College and Alaska Pacific University's Outdoor Studies program. Since 2008 he has been guiding and teaching in the mountains all around Alaska and abroad. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of safe mountain travel.  Nick is proud to be a sponsored Brand Ambassador for the Voile Manufacturing and Voormi clothing companies. When not on skis he enjoys hiking, packrafting, biking, traveling and photography. Always looking forward to sharing his passion for the mountains with you. 

Along with his extensive experience base Nick's qualifications are:

  • AMGA Certified Ski Guide
  • Wilderness First Responder & CPR
  • American Avalanche Association Professional Level 2 (AAI Avalanche Pro Level 3)
  • American Avalanche Association Professional Course Instructor
  • American Alpine Club Universal Belay Program Provider 
  • Leave No Trace Master Educator
  • Heli Ski US Level 2 guide
  • Rigging for Rescue course completion

Why hire Nick?  His reputation, experience, knowledge, a humble attitude and good company.

The Importance of Guide Training

Hiring a guide who has become certified by the AMGA is the way to ensure your guide meets the qualifications upheld to the international level by the IFMGA. In the United States the qualifications and standards to work as a guide are minimal. There are some solid guides who have not gone through the certification process however there are unqualified guides leading trips. You may see guides advertised as 'certified' but if they are not AMGA/IFMGA then they have not been evaluated externally from the operation they work at. Other professional occupations require licenses and certification, you should seek certified guides and references for your mountain travel. Remarkable Adventures believes in the importance of professional training, examination and continuing education.

Photos of Nick out in his element

Latest Instagram feed: @nick.dalessio

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