Climbing, Skiing and Mountaineering in Alaska is spectacular. Bush planes can give us access to remote areas Alaska is so famous for. Many peaks require technical skills, glacier travel, winter camping and expedition style to reach the top and get back safely. Join a trip led by Nick to the mountains of your dreams. Nick has guided tons of trips around Alaska including 30 expeditions in Denali National Park, and also places like the Wrangle-St. Elias, Chugach, Kenai, Tordrillo, the Neacola and more. As well as international trips to Canada, Argentina, Chilean Patagonia and New Zealand. 

Contact to ask for availability and discuss your options to best suit your goals. There are lifetimes of places to go to, combine your trip idea with Nick's knowledge.

* April - June or July

* Prices: standard day rate found on booking page plus: bush flights, food and stove fuel, national park visitor pass when applicable, lodging or other transportation services when applicable. Expedition trips will be charged one extra day rate for Nick's time spent preparing and packing which typically takes 2 or more days but you get those free of charge. 

- Other Trip Options -