Avalanche Courses

Beacon, Probe, Shovel and Avalanche Education!

Take an avalanche class before you head into the snowy mountains. Skiing and riding in the backcountry is amazing but you should only do so if you have been educated, knowing a little can go a long way. Nick offers a high quality avalanche education experience. Nick is a lead instructor for the Alaska Avalanche School and can also offer courses for private groups. Every backcountry partner should take a Level 1 course at a minimum. If you are looking for more or want to refresh and advance your skills spend a day with Nick for mentoring on a private course. Taking the Level 2 or pro courses? To make the most out of your time and money you should consider spending a day or more before the course with Nick to prepare for the advanced nature of these courses. Contact for Nick's availability for Avalanche education and mentoring. 

  • Private Avalanche Courses -  with Remarkable Adventures >  your course, custom tailored to you and your groups needs. 

* Courses based on availability. 

* Prices are Nick's standard day rates found on booking page.

  • Public Avalanche Courses -  with Nick through the Alaska Avalanche School >  larger group, structured learning. Level 1 & 2 courses recognized by the American Avalanche Association.

* Public scheduled courses December - March.

* Prices and further details on AAS website.   

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