News article on Human Factors

Managing your groups and your personal human factors (AKA heuristic traps) are key to pulling off a successful trip in the outdoors. Whether you are skiing, climbing or on a snowmachine in the winter; hiking, fishing or hunting in the summer or even just driving a car - these human factors are real. They affect your decisions. They are there everyday and the ones that you don't recognize are the most dangerous. 

Human factors are a complicated subject, it's the human brain after all. A topic I've decided is crucial to continue to learn about and strive to manage. Maybe a topic for a future blog post... In the mean time if you see me out and about and you want to hear more of my thoughts we can have a discussion.

I was asked for my thoughts on the issue of "Sun Poisoning" by ADN author Vicky Ho.

Here is a great news article on the subject where I am quoted: Perfect weather can ruin a day in the Chugach Mountains

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