Chugach Mountains

Heli-bump Ski Tour

Heli-bump assisted ski touring day through Chugach Powder Guides. A new experimental program when the weather, snowpack conditions and strong guests come together to make it happen. If you are interested in this book me for a regular day of backcountry skiing, then if it all lines up we can see about making a last minute booking to get us on a heli-ride in for a full day of human powered touring. It may be rare but it came together for these two guests visiting from Canada. We did two regular touring days earlier in the week in Turnagain Pass and then tagged this day onto their visit to Girdwood. 


Our ride into the hills. The A-Star B3 makes quick work of what would take most of an entire day to get to by our own two legs.


Hiking up for a run. The backside of Alyeska ski resort in the background. The Winner Creek valley heads back to Girdwood. Pretty cool backyard we have here!


Myself leading the way down the first run. It was good. Photo by: Dan Star


Marie carving her split-board with some big Alaskan terrain in the background. Photo by: Dan Star

Some good powder skiing!  Enjoying the perks of my job. Photo by: Aubrey Claude-Desroches 


After 3 runs it was time to make the long hike back to town. It's a beautiful walk through the forested valley. 

AK Winter to New Zealand Winter

Summer has gone full-swing here in Alaska, the warm sunny days are very enjoyable. I'm trying to make the best of my short summer here biking, hiking, maybe a little packrafting and relaxing. Next up is New Zealand! Southern Hemisphere, back to winter... Before I'm off here's a recap and photos from the second half of the 2016 AK winter ski season.

Skiing Chugach Mountains Girdwood Alaska

Of all the many places to ski around here, the days I get to go right in my backyard above Girdwood are often some of the best, most memorable days of the year. Goat Mountain looms above the start of this superb run on Ragged Top in the Chugach Mountains.

Skiing Chugach Mountains Girdwood Alaska

The Girdwood valley lies below with the North Face of Alyeska Ski Resort on the right, you can even see the tram's top terminal. The mountains go on forever here in Alaska.

Skiing in Juneau Alaska

I had a great opportunity to travel down to Juneau to teach an Avalanche level 1 course for the Alaska Avalanche School. I've always wanted to check out our states capitol city, it's a neat place. Perhaps the most beautiful capital in our country. We are hoping to be able to offer more courses in the Juneau / Eagle Crest ski area next year, stay tuned SE Alaska.

Skiing in Turnagain Pass Alaska

My good buddy, ski partner and colleague Adam and I set out to go for a casual ski somewhere in Turnagain Pass, we had no plan. Driving through the pass we couldn't come to a conclusion so we pulled over. Dead ahead of us was Twin Peaks, we both looked at it for awhile in silence, then at the same time looked at each other and said, "you ever do that?" It was an awesome day! 

Skiing in Turnagain Pass Alaska

Twin Peaks skied really well... a steep top pitch then 3,000 feet of nice consistent skiing, just right, turn after turn.

Nick D'Alessio Skiing in Turnagain Pass Alaska

Here I enjoy the world famous Alaskan Velvet Snow on Twin Peaks. Amazing what the iPhone camera can capture these days, along with a little editing.  - Photo by: Adam Smith.

I truly enjoy taking people out into the mountains for their first time backcountry skiing or snowboarding. One week I had a fellow from Connecticut, a family from Canada and a couple from Minnesota. I enjoy these days just as much as I enjoyed the week before when I guided heli-skiing and spent a day guiding a different Canadian group who probably had more collective time spent ski touring than I have in my life.

Alaska ski terrain, Remarkable Adventures

The mountains are seemingly endless here in AK. There are lifetimes of possibilities to link ski tours together.

Alaska ski terrain

A snippet of one of our many zones for heli-skiing with Chugach Powder Guides. This was a good day, good snow, good weather and good people.

Which one is your favorite powder shot?

Skiing in Alaska, Chugach Mountains

If you have never been heli-skiing, it is a really good time, a must do for any serious skier or boarder. See what Alaska has to offer. Come ski with Remarkable Adventures. Inquire here to book your next ski trip for mechanized and/or human powered skiing.