Heli-bump Ski Tour

Heli-bump assisted ski touring day through Chugach Powder Guides. A new experimental program when the weather, snowpack conditions and strong guests come together to make it happen. If you are interested in this book me for a regular day of backcountry skiing, then if it all lines up we can see about making a last minute booking to get us on a heli-ride in for a full day of human powered touring. It may be rare but it came together for these two guests visiting from Canada. We did two regular touring days earlier in the week in Turnagain Pass and then tagged this day onto their visit to Girdwood. 


Our ride into the hills. The A-Star B3 makes quick work of what would take most of an entire day to get to by our own two legs.


Hiking up for a run. The backside of Alyeska ski resort in the background. The Winner Creek valley heads back to Girdwood. Pretty cool backyard we have here!


Myself leading the way down the first run. It was good. Photo by: Dan Star


Marie carving her split-board with some big Alaskan terrain in the background. Photo by: Dan Star

Some good powder skiing!  Enjoying the perks of my job. Photo by: Aubrey Claude-Desroches 


After 3 runs it was time to make the long hike back to town. It's a beautiful walk through the forested valley. 

Availability Update - the busy season is on

It's busy season - Months of hard work in the office pay off when I get to spend most of my days out enjoying time in the mountains with the people I talk with on email and phone - and that's why I do it. It's been a great season so far meeting people from around the world. Oh and the skiing has been pretty damn good too!! Computer screens filled with email threads, spreadsheets, land permits, insurance plans blah blah blah... turn into mountain views and powder face shots! 

Current Availability (as of March 4th): I am booked up through April 17th. Although I do have two available weekends for heli-skiing or backcountry touring on the weekends of March 24-25, March 31-April 1 and mid-week April 10-11. But don't be afraid to be in touch, things can change, trips can cancel. 

Beginning April 18th I have availability through June. Skiing in May is particularly one of my favorite months for ski trips in Alaska. Within those time frames I have had lots of interest but with no official bookings yet. If you are serious about doing a trip with me be in touch soon and lets make it happen - I would love to ski or ride with you! 


Some photos from recent trips out in action: